Confidental Clinic, 70A Yorktown Road, Sandhurst, Berkshire, GU47 9BT


Confidental Clinic, 70A Yorktown Road, Sandhurst, Berkshire, GU47 9BT


Patient Success Stories

Louise Can Smile For Pictures Now!


Nicola Sees Her New Smile For The First Time


Donna Is Really Happy With Her Perfect Smile


Ziaul Thinks His New Straight Teeth Are Wonderful


George Can’t Wait To Show Family His Straight Smile


No More Covering Her Smile When She Laughs For Lucy


“Fabulous, Really Pleased. That’s What I Wanted” Says Marion


“Oh My God, It’s Amazing, It Looks So Different” Says Rachel


“Oh My Goodness, They Look So Different” Says Braces Patient Cherri


“Wow, I Can’t Believe They Are My Teeth” Says Angela


Oh My God They Look Awesome” Says Karen


“Richard Is Definitely Going To Smile More Now”


“Claire Can Smile Now On Social Media Photos”


“A Massive Difference For Taylor As She Can Smile Now”


“Better Than I Could Have Ever Imagined, Amazing Says Emogene”


“Angela Is Amazed With Her New Straight Smile”


“No Pain Braces Treatment For Mel”


“Chris Is Basking In The Glory Of His New Smile”


“Look How Good They Are” Says Braces Patient Ravi


Smile Advisor, Louise Will See Her Straight New Smile


Ashton Closed The Gap In His Teeth In Just 8 Months


“Gabriella Is Really Happy With Her New Smile After 9 Months of Braces”


“After 4 – 5 Days I Could See A Huge Difference In My Skin”


“Oli Will Smile More Following His Braces Treatment”


“Melissa Is Very Happy With The Result Of Her Treatment”


Jennifer Will Smile Everyday After Her Braces Treatment


Rachel Feels More Confident After Her Braces Treatment


Miranda Can’t Wait To Show Off Her New Straight Smile


Sophie Won’t Avoid Photos Anymore


Ash Talks About His Hair Growth Treatment at Confidental


I Never Imagined My Teeth Would Look This Good


“My Teeth Are Unrecognisable” Says Lou


“Nicola Can’t Find The Words To Describe Her New Smile”


“Stephanie Says Her Smile Looks So Much Better”


“Marguerite Can Now Show Off Her Smile”


Iiona said her smile killed her life before. Now She can smile!


Lyn Talks About Her 'Amazing', 'Pain Free' Sedation Experience

David Is Looking Forward To Eating Properly

Braces Treatment Is Going To Change Everything

Mrs Jones WIll Smile A Lot More Now

Natalie Can't Believe They're Her Teeth

Nicola Thinks Her New Smile Looks Fantastic

Alex Won't Be No Covering Her Smile When She Laughs Now

I Can Smile Properly At The Wedding

Chloe Feels More Confident After Her Braces Treatment

Sam Feels Amazing Now He Has A Straight New Smile

Katie Feels More Confident Now With Her Straight Smile

Emily Thinks Her New Smile Is Amazing

Nicola Loves Her New Straight Smile From Confidental

Sarah Is So Glad She Got Her Teeth Straightened Before Her Wedding

Jane Can Smile On Photos Again After Her Braces Treatment

Beryl Can't Stop Smiling After Her Dental Implants

Iveta Always Wanted Straight, White Teeth, And Now She Does

After 8 Years Brian Finally Filled In That Gap

Irene Can Smile On her Wedding Day Now

Martin Came To Confidental Based On Our Online Reviews

Discover Why Keith Travels Across The Country To See His Dentist

Beverley Is really Pleased With Her Smoother Skin

"Thank You From Clara & Matt"

"Thank You For Fixing My Teeth"

"A Huge Thank You For My New Smile"

“I Would Like To Express My Sincere Gratitude”

“I Would Like To Express My Sincere Gratitude”

"Thank You For Looking After My Teeth"


"Delivered With Exceptional Kindness"

"Thank You For My New Smile"


“Thanks For Being There For The Last 50 Years”


“6 Months Smiles Has Really Transformed My Life”



“What A Fantastic Dentist”

Hi Sandeep just had to write quickly after coming to see you last week and then Lucy for an hour today. To say what a fantastic dentist company you are and I really value the work that you and Lucy do.

I’m not sure if either you or Lucy realise how much positive psychology you use to help nervous patients such as me and I’m sure if I keep my teeth forever it will be down to you.

If you think how far I have come from 2 or 3 years ago when I was shaking on the chair where I sat through an hours hygiene appt today with big build up of tartar completely relaxed! I know that is down to you and Lucy.

I think specifically what you both do is be honest about the situation but also in a very positive way talk more about what the patient can achieve by following instruction rather than focussing on what they are not doing and how bad things are which believe me a lot of dentists do.

It makes the patient so much more positive and motivated in my view and I’m sure there is lots of research to prove it too!

Thank you so much – my teeth feel wonderful today!

Georgina Clarke (George)

“Big Thank You”

Joe Wright Testimonial Confidental


“Thank You For Being A Perfectionist”

Carole Nobbs Testimonial

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Confidental Clinic, 70A Yorktown Road, Sandhurst, Berkshire, GU47 9BT


Confidental Clinic, 70A Yorktown Road, Sandhurst, Berkshire, GU47 9BT