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3rd February 2017

Cheap Online Whitening

Why Should I not buy cheap online whitening?

It’s the start of the New Year, and you may have a wedding or a birthday party coming up. Whatever the event, everybody wants to start by looking, feeling and smiling confidently. This can mean for some the temptation of a cheap online tooth whitening kit, which offers a fast fix.

These cheap whitening kits may offer promise to give great results quickly BUT be warned!!! It’s best to stick to getting whitening from a qualified dentist. There have been many horror stories of gum burns and tooth loss. Below are some reasons why investing in your smile and avoiding cheap and cheerful teeth whitening kits to be used at home.

You may not get the look you are after

Cheap home whitening kits try to mimic the whitening results from a trained professionals like here at Confidental. Teeth whitening kits from a qualified professional are great as they make a bespoke mould for your teeth to ensure the perfect fit for the best possible results. SO… when It comes to looking for teeth whitening solutions, think DENTIST first.

Can Causes damage to your teeth

Another big reason to avoid cheap online kits as they can bun gums leading to possible tooth mobility and tooth loss. Cheap online kits provide ill-fitting trays and require more regular bleaching of your teeth. To prevent this it is important to visit a trained professional.

Tooth decay substitute

Home whitening kits should not be seen as a way to correct tooth decay problems or staining derived from tooth decay. Tooth decay can cause staining which can lead to increased sensitivity when whitening. You should make sure you are in a fit dental state to receive whitening first.

Nerves can be damaged

Overuse of cheap teeth whitening kits not only impacts on the enamel of your teeth, it can also affect and damage the nerves of your teeth.  This is because the enamel around your teeth is more permeable after the whitening process meaning it can irritate and damage your nerves in the long run.  If you misuse this kit, nerve damage could lead to teeth needing to be removed and replaced due to pain.

The final reason to avoid cheap teeth whitening kits is that the mouth guards that contains the whitening solution tends to be a generic size and fit.  Unlike the kits you can get from your dentist that fit your mouth perfectly, these cheap whitening kits can sometimes result in leakage of the whitening solution due to not fitting properly.  This can sometimes cause blistering around your gums.

Look after your teeth by investing in professional teeth whitening solutions

While the teeth whitening deals you see on many online sites seem too good to be true, this is generally because they are too good to be true.  If you are looking for teeth whitening solutions to improve your smile, consult your dentist first and be sure to avoid those home whitening horror kits you come across online.

If you would like to find out more about teeth whitening and how it could help both your appearance and oral health, visit or get in touch with our expert dental team today.

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