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19th June 2014

Clear braces I hear you say…?

What are clear braces and how do they work?

The clear brace is not a traditional brace as such as there are no wires, no brackets and no train tracks. It is in fact a very thin plastic gum shield that is transparent so it doesn’t really show and it isn’t obvious to the world that you are wearing braces. So how does a plastic gum shield move teeth? The revolution lies with the use of multiple clear aligners that all have minor change to each one of them. The flexible nature of the type of plastic we use means that it can apply gentle pressure to individual teeth. Each aligner has in it programmed a small movement. When one movement is completed (in about 2 weeks) the next aligner is worn which will move that tooth further. After a whole set of aligners, the crooked and miss aligned teeth are straight.

What are the steps involved?

Using the latest computer technology, dental surgeons can model a perfectly fitted shield to place over the teeth, After taking copies of your teeth, you copy teeth or models are scanned and uploaded onto the computer. The computer works out the number of movements required and prints plastic copies of your teeth showing each step. As each aligner is worn the time frame allows the system to apply constant, gentle pressure that gradually moves the teeth. The aligner can be removed for eating and brushing, but you must wear it at night, otherwise all the movement that has taken place during the day will be reversed while you sleep. After about two weeks of constant wear, you should be ready to move onto your next aligner – when your current one starts to feel slightly lose around the teeth, that means it has achieved the desired results and a new one is needed to continue treatment. Regular check-ups with your dentist will allow them to keep track of your progress, so make sure you attend all your appointments and follow instructions to the letter. It is that easy!

Can I have it?

We conduct a thorough assessment of your teeth before start. We tend to only treat mildly crooked and miss aligned teeth this way as the system cannot do large movements very easily. It also requires dedication and compliance from patients, wearing the clear aligners 22 hours per day. Before we start we take pictures of your teeth, x rays and a full orthodontic assessment. We can then estimate the number of aligners and what the end result will look like and costs and time span. In some cases it can take longer and costs more to do it this way if the case is complex so we tend to advise fixed braces in certain cases. Without a thorough assessment we will not know. Normal treatment time is between six months and a year, but this can vary from patient to patient, in some cases it can take up to eighteen months to complete the course..

What are the advantages?

If comfort, performance, and subtlety aren’t enough for you, you might want to consider the fact that ‘invisible braces’ have opened up the world of orthodontic treatment to men and women of all ages. Unfair as it may seem, it’s probably not seen as socially acceptable for adults to wear braces, it’s regarded as something only teenagers have to deal with. For people who are oblivious to this stigma, there shouldn’t be a problem, but there are thousands of people who simply don’t have the confidence to wear obvious braces in public, so their crooked smiles go untreated. This allows adults who have just had to live with their miss-aligned teeth to undergo orthodontic treatment without anyone knowing. It’s such a fast, simple system that no one will notice the changes you’ve gone through, until your confidence and your new smile shine through.
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