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5th January 2015

DIY Teeth Whitening

Your smile is important to you and it’s one of the first things people notice when they meet you. A brighter whiter smile can help your confidence and leave a lasting impression. Tooth whitening is an option that is available to everyone regardless of age and how bad you think your teeth may be.

Why use professionals?

Professional tooth whitening is an easy, safe and cost effective treatment to help you make your pearly whites dazzle. Under current UK and EU law as posted by the General Dental Council only dental health professionals are registered to administer tooth whitening gels containing hydrogen peroxide. To verify that they are safe, these gels must carry the CE Approved Mark that renders them safe for medical use.

What is in the whitening gels?

The active ingredient is a form of pH stable peroxide (either hydrogen or carbamide) that is applied specifically to teeth to gently whiten the appearance of the enamel. pH stability is very important as this means there is no tooth damage. Illegal tooth whitening products often contain acid that can permanently dissolve the enamel, rendering the tooth irreversibly damaged. This can be very costly to repair, so using the correct products from registered professionals is essential as you will know you are in safe hands. The current legal maximum concentration is 6% hydrogen peroxide containing gels.

How does the whitening work?

The dentist will first examine your teeth and gums to make sure that there aren’t any problems. If your teeth are stable, then it’s safe to go ahead and make copies of your teeth. Specialist laboratories are used to make your whitening gum shields so that they fit your teeth and are yours for life. You can use this system at your own leisure in your own time and stop when you are happy with your result. The kit also allows you to top up the whitening for that extra sparkle before celebratory functions such as birthdays and weddings.

What does it cost?

There is usually a one off cost for the starter kit plus top up costs that can vary from £15-60 per year. This all depends on your personal circumstances and what results we are trying to achieve. One fact is for certain that the products that you purchase from a professional are safe trusted and most importantly work. That alone will save you cost by not spending it on products that do not deliver. An awful lot on money is wasted on products that don’t work or are unsafe.

How long does it last?

Because this is a safe and reversible process top up doses of whitening are required 3-6 months apart. There are several other techniques posted on sites that include the use of abrasive bi-carbonates which will wear down the enamel and strong peroxides that will burn the gums. Although the whitening will work you will inevitably have damage to your teeth and mouths. We strongly advise NOT to use these techniques.

While DIY dentistry may sound like a viable option for individuals who are afraid of going to the dentist, this is certainly a myth. Conducting treatments without assistance from a professional can be treated as a temporary measure, but could result in a vicious circle where oral health may deteriorate. So if you are thinking about getting some sort of cosmetic treatment to improve the appearance of your teeth speak to a professional who can check your teeth, advise you of all pros and cons of the available options, to make sure you know whether or not the particular procedure is right for you.

To book a consultation or just to speak to someone about the procedure and learn more about the cosmetic treatments on offer, you should contact the Confidental.

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