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70A YorkTown Road, Sandhurst, Berkshire, GU47 9BT

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70A YorkTown Road, Sandhurst, Berkshire, GU47 9BT

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13th May 2015

Free Consultations at Confidental for Implants, Orthodontics and Sedation

Our care team is in place to greet you when you come and see us. We provide a full range of treatments in house but concentrate on the ones that matter most: implants, braces and sedation are our specialty. A consultation (fancy word for chat) is an ideal way to come and meet our clinicians face to face so you know who will be providing your treatment.

Why have a free consultation?

The most important question that we need to know is what bothers you the most. There is a lot of information out there and most can be overwhelming. You may think you know what you want but sometimes you can never be too sure. Our aim is to help you find the correct solution to your problem and a free consultation is there to provide you with all the options and choices as there is usually more than one way to solve a tooth problem. Our clinicians will discuss the pros and cons of all options so you can find the treatment option that is right for you.

What is a TCO?

A TCO is a treatment coordinator who will invite you to our practice. You feel overwhelmed meeting all of us at once (as lovely as we are) may not feel comfortable seeing our clinicians just yet. A treatment coordinator can provide you with information about our team, our practice and show you examples of what we can do. Leaflets are normally provided so you can take information home with you to read at your leisure. It’s a helping hand from us to you to get you the very best dental care there is.

What are Implants?

Implants are tooth like structures used to replace teeth that are missing or have been removed. The implant is the best like for like replacement of a missing tooth. There are other alternative options such as dentures, bridges or sometimes brace treatments and these will be discussed during your visit.

Orthodontic Options

There are various brace options to consider; some invisible, some fast treatments some are removable. It is not always clear to know which one is the right product for you. We can show you the braces so you can see for yourself how they look and feel before starting treatment with us. By seeing the demonstration models we have, it will help you make the right choice.

Sedation Treatments

Our sedationist has many years of experience treating nervous patients. He can help discuss what level and type of sedation will suit you best. This will not only enable you to have treatment but also give you the confidence to one day have treatment without the need for sedation. In some cases alleviate your fears entirely.
Without meeting the team it’s hard to be sure what will work best for your teeth and smile. We hope to provide a lifeline for those that want to improve their teeth by offering simple, safe and reliable treatments. Come and see how we can help you.

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