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26th November 2014

Hard Foods

It鈥檚 easy to think that your teeth are impervious to harm, after all they are made from the hardest bone in the body, perfect for crunching and chewing all kinds of hard food but they鈥檙e more delicate than you would think. Knocking or bruising your teeth is easier than you might imagine and not always avoidable, so it鈥檚 helpful to know a bit about what you can do if you chip or聽break one of your teeth.

Accidents happen to everyone now and again, and most injuries to the mouth are caused by falls or sudden impacts but you might find simply biting down on a hard piece of food can crack your teeth. So we have been kind enough to let you guys into a secret about which foods to best avoid. We advise you avoid the following:

路聽Popcorn Kernels


路 Chewy Toffees

路 Hard Candy/Sweets

路 Cough Mints

路 Seeded Granary Bread

Our experience tell us that the list above covers most of the death traps, and this could save you time and money. If you have been unlucky to have broken your tooth please read on.

What can I do about my bruised or broken tooth?

Not all broken teeth will be very painful. There are four possible outcomes. With mild damage some teeth may feel bruised and maybe painful to bite down on. This is because the gums and supporting apparatus is inflamed and sore. The chances are it will recover so avoid hard and chewy foods and allow it to settle and heal.

If there is a crack or fracture you probably won鈥檛 feel too much discomfort, but a severely damaged tooth will not be something you can ignore. Your first course of action is to contact a dental professional, don鈥檛 let the situation continue without doing this, there鈥檚 nothing you can do to fix the tooth yourself, so get to an emergency dentist as soon as you can. Painless cracks or chips can possibly be repaired with composite bonding. This is a white glue that will try and hold the broken pieces together. A crown may be required if the break is large or if there is already a filling there. Your dentist will give you the benefits of both options given your specific case.
Big cracks may expose the nerve and this leads to the root becoming damaged or worse infected. In this case, you would definitely feel some pain in the tooth, even with light pressure; this is because the nerve is no longer protected by the mineral layers. More often than not, the treatment for a cracked tooth is a root canal, this means accessing the inner chamber and removing the nerve centre of the tooth, before filling it in with a strong filler. Without the nerves, the tooth will die, but can still remain functional and most dentists will cover it with a dental crown instead of extracting it.

If you end up with a split tooth as a result of an accident, you will notice that it has fractured vertically but won鈥檛 necessarily be out of the socket. This can affect both molars and incisors, but is more common in molars because they generally have the most pressure put on them when biting. The positive thing about this is that molars have more roots than the front teeth; this gives the dentist a better chance of saving the tooth and avoiding an extraction. However, if there is too much damage to the whole molar, then it will probably have to be removed.

At Confidental, our doors are open every weekday at 8am, finishing most weekdays till 8pm so no excuses. Our care team are always happy to help arrange an appointment for you to be referred to a team member very quickly 鈥 a large percentage of patients will have received treatment within one hour of arrival at the clinic. We look forward to caring for your teeth.

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