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22nd March 2022

Is Invisalign better than braces?

If you have twisted, crooked or overlapping teeth and you keep hiding your smile, you might be wondering: should I get braces or Invisalign aligners?

What is Invisalign® ?

Invisalign are clear aligners are orthodontic devices that are a transparent, plastic form of dental braces used to adjust teeth. It is a series of custom-made clear braces that cover your teeth and gently pull them into the proper position over time.

What are braces?

Dental braces are devices made of ceramic, plastic, metals or a combination of these materials, used in orthodontics that align and straighten teeth and help position them with regard to a person’s bite, while also aiming to improve dental health.

Pros and cons of Invisalign

  • Treatment length of 6 months to 2 years, depending on individual case
  • Discreet, nearly-invisible look
  • Removable aligners easy to care for
  • No food restrictions
  • Professional look for working adults
  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • Whiten teeth during treatment
  • Must remember to wear aligners 22 hours a day
  • More expensive than braces
  • Must remove before eating/drinking anything but water
  • Aligners can stain or discolour
  • More easily broken, damaged, or lost
  • May require supplemental braces treatment for complex cases
  • Regular brushing and flossing, brushing and soaking aligners, routine dental visits.
  • Wear 22 hours a day, remove for meals, clean thoroughly before putting back in. Soak aligners regularly.
  • Removable

Pros and cons of braces

Nowadays, braces are less noticeable. The brackets that attach to each tooth are smaller or may be attached to the back of the teeth where they are less visible. In addition, brackets can be made of ceramic, plastic, metals or a combination of these materials and can also be made tooth coloured.

  • Treatment length of 1 -3 years, depending on individual case
  • Effective for very severe or complex cases
  • Less expensive than Invisalign
  • Permanent bonding means consistent progress
  • Colourful rubber bands
  • Multiple braces types
  • Time-tested reliability
  • Noticeable metal appliance
  • Food restrictions
  • Can trap bacteria
  • Can be uncomfortable/cause irritation in mouth
  • May be difficult to clean
  • Needs Regular cleaning and orthodontic visits, avoid certain foods.
  • Non-removable

Whether Braces or Invisalign Aligners, Confidental Smiles can help you win your smile back!

Braces and Invisalign aligners are both excellent choices to achieve a healthy, happy smile. While each offers specific advantages, they both offer reliable, precision movement of your teeth, to improve your bite, your smile, and your confidence!

Whichever treatment you choose, remember that both braces & Invisalign aligners are tools used by your experienced dentist. Simply book a free consultation with our smile consultant or book your dental appointment directly by calling us on 01252 877 309 or email info@

During your consultation, The Care Team at Confidental Smiles will discuss your diagnosis with you and recommend a treatment option that is best suited for your needs. Together, you will embark on a journey that will keep you smiling confidently for years to come!

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