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19th August 2014


The market is full of a wide array of mouthwashes for you to use, but which one. That’s a common question many of our patients ask us at Confidental. Firstly it must be said that a mouthwash is an adjunct to your cleaning regime and NOT like many think a replacement for brushing. Oh no no! We always recommend choosing alcohol free mouthwashes as a precaution. There are three reasons for using a mouthwash.

Gum treatments

Certain mouthwashes are great to use to help kill bacteria. The less bacteria you have while having your teeth cleaning here at Confidental the more successful our results and the nicer your teeth will look and feel. Our hygenists often can provide you with what they consider the best mouthwash right after your treatment for that personalized service.

Tooth decay

Fluoride is a very effective substance to make your teeth strong and resistant. It is particularly good at protecting teeth. For those of our patients who are may have a sweet tooth, we find that this is the most effective mouthwash for you to use. It is best used at an alternative time to brushing, usually mid afternoon. The fluoride bind and holds onto your tooth protecting it from acids that can cause tooth erosion and decay.

Bad breath

The warm, moist environment of the tongue makes the muscle an ideal breeding ground for millions of types of bacteria. While not all of these microorganisms are harmful, some can multiply in the back of the mouth to produce a sulphur-based compound as a by-product.

Although most of the germs can be washed away before it leads to bad breath, it can become a problem is the appropriate action is not taken. Regular brushing and flossing may help to eliminate the remaining microbes from between the pearly whites and near gums.

However, bacteria can often survive on the tongue – which can lead to a series of oral health problems. This method can be used to resolve problems with bad breath, an issue that is usually caused due to a low level of dental hygiene.

Antiseptic mouthwashes should be used regularly after brushing and flossing to kill any harmful bacteria that can build up in the mouth, as well as lead to bad breath.

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