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This March our cosmetic dental teams are providing you the chance to save up to £800 on a new smile and make 2023 your perfect smile year!

We’ve got special offers on Teeth Straightening, Invisalign, Composite Bonding, Porcelain Veneers and Teeth Whitening.

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But be quick, this offer is limited to the first 25 people who book! To secure your smile assessment to see the dentist during the week of 27 February to 4th March, you have to pay a deposit of £25.


FREE Comprehensive
New Patient Check-up
& Smile Assessment

Join as a new patient and get your free smile assessment to get you going. This assessment will also determine which treatment will suit your teeth.


As part of your free Smile Assessment, we will take a digital scan of your teeth and show you what your smile could look like before you commit to Invisalign.

£200 off on

A veneer is a thin moulding, custom-made from porcelain, which is bonded to the front surface of a tooth. Veneers are a quick and effective solution to stained, chipped, misshapen or crooked teeth.

£200 off your

Join as a new patient and get your free smile assessment to get you going. This assessment will also determine which treatment will suit your teeth.

£200 Off on
Bonding on 6 teeth

If you have mis-shapen, crooked, chipped, or worn teeth and would like us to get them looking nice level and straight we can apply white filling material to change the size and shape your teeth to give you the smile you deserve.


You want your teeth to look the best they ever have, so we'll give you free teeth whitening home kit.


Once you finish treatment, you want the results to last a lifetime. That's why we are going to give you everything you need when it comes to keeping your teeth in their new position.

Transform your teeth and your confidence
for life by addressing the aspects of your smile
you’d like to change

What is Smile Makeover?

What is Smile Makeover?

A Smile Makeover encompasses multiple cosmetic dental treatments. Restorative and orthodontic treatments such as dental implants and braces can also be included as part of your Smile Makeover.

It may be that you wish to improve the shade and shape of certain teeth with teeth whitening and veneers, or perhaps you are looking for minimally-invasive solutions to fix multiple chipped and decayed teeth with composite bonding and crowns.

Your Teeth Makeover will be carefully planned by your dentist based on your individual needs. With the cutting-edge digital planning software available to us, we can reach a predictable outcome that we are sure you will be thrilled with.

Smile Makeover Benefits

Replace lost or failing teeth with implants

Close gaps in your smile

Straighten your teeth to improve your bite

Repair chipped and cracked teeth

Achieve a symmetrical and natural-looking smile

Why Choose Confidental


We Show Empathy
It pays to listen – we deliver patient-centred care at all times. We treat everyone as we would like to be treated ourselves. We will be CALM and CARING.


Quality Equipment
We use cutting edge technology, only the very finest quality dental materials and superlative tested dental laboratories.


We Exceed Expectations
Our engaged, highly trained, fully dedicated team and support staff are always available to ensure satisfied patients.


Environmentally Friendly
We are committed to protecting the environment whilst ensuring the highest level of safety and cleanliness possible.


Pain Free Treatment
We always strive to deliver a pain-free experience by constantly developing and improving our techniques.


Exceptional Aesthetic Results
We use cutting edge technology, only the very finest quality dental materials and superlative tested dental laboratories.

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About Smile Makeover...

If you’re considering dental implants, why not take a look at the answers to the questions we are regularly asked by our patients.

  • 1. What will my fist appointment be like?

    During your 1 hour appointment at the Smile Open Week, you'll first see the Smile Advisor who will discuss the different treatment options available to you. Then you'll see the dentist and discuss with him or her what you expect from your smile makeover journey, and what results you want to see. The dentist will also do a comprehensive dental assessment of your teeth. You'll receive an estimate of the costs involved. If you decided to go ahead with treatment, your smile advisor will book your treatments and your journey will start.

  • 2. What is a treatment plan?

    Our dentists will assess your teeth and we’ll take photos, X-rays and digital scans of your teeth. Then we’ll create you a digital treatment plan, using our state-of-the-art technology, showing you what your results could look like via a 3D video. The treatment plan will consist of the steps we'll take to get to your desired look, and includes a time and pricing schedule.

  • 3. What if I can't afford it?

    There are many ways we strive to make dental aesthetic care affordable to you, with finance options so the payments can be spread over time to suit your budget. Speak to your smile advisor about the options available to you. Terms and Conditions apply.

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