Confidental Clinic, 70A Yorktown Road, Sandhurst, Berkshire, GU47 9BT


Confidental Clinic, 70A Yorktown Road, Sandhurst, Berkshire, GU47 9BT

Dental Implants at Confidental

dental implants in sandhurst


Restore Confidence In Your Smile With Calm & Caring Dental Implants

  • Do you want to stop wearing those agonising dentures that pop up, fly out in the shortest time possible?
  • Would you like to replace your missing teeth so that you can smile on photographs again?
  • Would you like to find out what apples and steak taste like again?
  • Do you want to boost your confidence, and eat in restaurants?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to the above questions, then keep reading and discover how we can transform your smile with Dental Implants.

Affordable Dental implants from just £100 per month using our finance options

“All the staff are very friendly and approachable. Sandeep is an amazing dentist and we are approaching the end of my implant treatment. I am very happy with how the process has gone and the customer service is excellent. I would definitely recommend him.” Says Linda Wathen 

What Type Of Problems Do We Solve?

Dental implants are the ideal solution for many people. During our many years we’ve helped people who had…

  • A single missing tooth
  • Many missing teeth
  • All teeth missing
  • Loose fitting dentures
  • Lost teeth caused by an accident
  • Lost teeth caused by gum disease

At Confidental in Berkshire we have advanced training in implant skills and use implant techniques recognised for their innovation and reliability. 

Helping To Make Your Treatment Affordable

But what about the cost of implants? Good question. We offer payment plans to make your treatment more affordable. We can give you a specific breakdown of cost when we get to see your mouth, but to give you an idea, a single dental implant can cost as little as £52.50 per month using our 60 month payment plan. Or if you would prefer, £229.16 interest free over 12 months, with £0 deposit up front with both options. 

Discover More About Dental Implants

Introducing Sandeep, Your Dentist

Do You Have Missing Teeth?

All your questions answered

Are You Suffering From A Denture Crisis?

How Can We Help You?

  • We Can Replace Single Missing Teeth And Multiple Missing Teeth.
  • We Can Help You With You With Loose Or Wobbly Dentures.
  • We Can Also Offer ‘Teeth In A Day’!
  • We Can Help Increase Your Confidence With A Set Of Solid Good Looking Teeth!

Are Dental Implants Right For You?

In addition to having gaps and spaces not only doesn’t look great, but can be causing harm to your remaining teeth!

If you have missing teeth and gaps then the teeth either side can tend to collapse inwards. Amazingly teeth will move of their own accord if nothing keeps them in place, the combined gentle pressure from your cheeks and tongue prevent them moving inwards or outwards, and when you have all your teeth the gentle pressure either side means they stay in one position.

This is what we call the ‘neutral zone’.

Dental implants If the adjacent teeth are missing the surrounding teeth will fall in to the space, and the opposing teeth will start to over erupt.

Over time this means your bite, chewing function and aesthetics will be compromised!

With That Said We highly recommend that spaces, gaps and missing teeth are replaced.

Please take some time now to review the information to see which is best for you, then give us a call to arrange an appointment.

At this appointment we will discuss your concerns, work out an affordable plan for you and complete a thorough free consultation.

The Four stages to treatment with implants?

  1. An initial audit to assess suitability. This usually involves radiographs and impressions of your teeth
  2. Placement of the implant which is followed by some time for integration. During this time temporary teeth may be made so that your dental appearance is as good as possible
  3. A minor procedure to uncover the dental implant, test the implant and then to take an impression of its position in the mouth
  4. Fitting the new tooth. Healing times vary from case to case and the long term success is the most important factor to be considered here.

Nine Frequently Asked Implant Questions

1) What Are Dental Implants?

In simple terms, dental implants are artificial roots made from titanium which are fixed to the jawbone. An extension is then secured to the implant which provides the foundation for long term support of crowns, bridges or implant dentures. Sedation is available for total comfort during the treatment.

2) Can implants improve dentures?

Implants and mini-implants have been shown to anchor dentures that are otherwise loose and unstable. Meaning your bridge, denture won’t fall out. Be confident in social situations

3) Do dental implants hurt?

No. The implants are placed with a small operation which is carried out using local anaesthetic. Sometimes we use dental sedation to help people relax. Usually there is some minor discomfort for the first few days after the surgery and normal painkillers are sufficient to cope with this. Our most frequent feedback from our patients is not of pain but of having to stay open for approximately 40 minutes while having the implant placed.

4) How long do dental implants last?

This well-established treatment is long lasting and safe, and has been shown to have success rates of more than 95% over a fifteen year period.

5) What are the alternatives to dental implants?

Removable dentures can replace teeth, although these are not always very comfortable. Alternatively dental bridges can be made (e.g. Maryland Bridges, Rochette Bridges, Cantilever Bridges and Fixed Bridges) that need to be supported on adjacent teeth.

6) Are implants difficult to clean?

No. Cleaning around the teeth attached to implants is generally no more difficult than cleaning natural teeth. There may be some specific techniques that are more appropriate to each case and therefore spending some time with a dental hygienist is very important to ensure that you are doing this in the best possible way.

7) Do you need an implant for every missing tooth?

No, not necessarily. If you are having a single tooth replaced then you need a single dental implant. However it is very common to use five or six implants to replace all the teeth in one jaw.

8) Is dental implant treatment affordable?

In the long term implants are usually a more cost effective option and a more comfortable option than leaving gaps or having removable dentures.

9) Where can I get implant treatment?

At Confidental in Berkshire we have been carrying out dental implant treatment for years. We are a well known dental practice for implant treatments with a reputation that we are very proud of and we also receive many referrals from other dentists who trust our skills and techniques.

Would you like to know even more about dental implants, how to take care of your implant to ensure you keep it for as long as possible?

Here is a handy guide that covers everything that you need to know about looking after and caring for your dental implant.

Click here to view the implant care guide

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Confidental Clinic, 70A Yorktown Road, Sandhurst, Berkshire, GU47 9BT


Confidental Clinic, 70A Yorktown Road, Sandhurst, Berkshire, GU47 9BT