Confidental Clinic, 70A Yorktown Road, Sandhurst, Berkshire, GU47 9BT


Confidental Clinic, 70A Yorktown Road, Sandhurst, Berkshire, GU47 9BT

Simply Smile

Simply Smile braces are clear brackets similar to those in the Six Month Smile system. The difference is that these are made of ceramic, a tougher more resilient material that can withstand higher biting pressures making them less likely to damage during treatment and giving better final results. While they can still move teeth efficiently, they can also be used for more complex cases moving the tooth roots. The brackets and wire are both white/clear so the brace blends to the colour of your teeth making the experience very discreet.

The braces are placed onto your teeth with the principle aim to correct the alignment of the teeth. The wire exerts a light force onto the teeth to encourage them into their new positions. The system is faster than traditional orthodontics as the back teeth are left as they are, concentrating on the cosmetics. We can easily tackle the back teeth with this system too.

The wires are white and the brackets are clear, as much effort as possible has been made to camouflage them with your teeth. The Secret Smiles system is our alternative system that hides the brackets on the inside of the teeth.

During treatment you should follow a healthy diet, avoid sugary foods and also hard crunchy foods which may damage your braces. The treatment takes 6-12 months much less than the 2 years for traditional orthodontics. The fitting of the brace is totally painless. It is normal to experience discomfort from your teeth for a couple of days following fitting and adjustment as the teeth start to move.

Once you are happy with your result we will remove the braces and place a thin hidden wire retainer to keep your teeth in their new positions. We will also provide you with a clear plastic removable retainer to be worn at night times. Every possible attempt is made to keep your smile bright and straight.

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Confidental Clinic, 70A Yorktown Road, Sandhurst, Berkshire, GU47 9BT


Confidental Clinic, 70A Yorktown Road, Sandhurst, Berkshire, GU47 9BT