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30th May 2022

Can I align a single tooth?

Solutions like bracesaligners or even dentures are geared towards fixing multiple teeth or even an entire row. Sometimes, though, it’s only one tooth that is misaligned. When this happens, it can sabotage your entire smile, lower your confidence and lead to oral health issues. In addition, because the problem feels minute it often goes untreated.

Single tooth straightening is both possible and more common than you think. There are several treatment options and each patient must decide the lengths they are willing to go to fix one tooth. Often, one tooth can be quickly straightened with clear aligners or braces

Invisalign is a clear brace system used to straighten mildly crooked or miss-aligned teeth. The revolutionary technique is becoming more and more popular as patients realise they can get good results without making it obvious to the world that they are wearing braces. Using the latest computer technology, dental surgeons can model a very thin clear gum shield to place over the teeth, which is designed to gently push them into a more desirable position. Thanks to their transparency, the Invisalign system has been dubbed ‘invisible braces’, they perform in much the same way as previous designs, but with a discreet, effective outcome to help you straighten your smile.

How does Invisalign straighten my teeth?

The resin shield will do the actual pushing and re-shaping of your teeth, but you have to do your part too, by making sure you listen to your dentist and wear your braces for at least twenty hours a day – twenty-two for optimum results. This time frame allows the system to apply constant, gentle pressure that gradually moves the teeth. The aligner can be removed for eating and brushing, but you must wear it at night, otherwise all the movement that has taken place during the day will be reversed while you sleep. After about two weeks of constant wear, you should be ready to move onto your next aligner – when your current one starts to feel slightly lose around the teeth, that means it has achieved the desired results and a new one is needed to continue treatment. Regular check-ups with your dentist will allow them to keep track of your progress, so make sure you attend all your appointments and follow instructions to the letter. Normal treatment time is a 12 months, but this can vary from patient to patient, in some cases it can take up to eighteen months to complete the course.

What are the advantages of Invisalign?

Not only are Invisalign braces much more effective than other methods, they are also considered to be more comfortable too. With traditional wire and bracket designs – ‘train tracks’ to most of us – there are often issues with discomfort, some patients complain of sore gums or irritation on other soft tissues in the mouth, and occasionally the wires can work loose and dig into the lips. With Invisalign, this kind of problem is a thing of the past, there’s no metal at all, no wires, no brackets, just a clear shield which slips effortlessly over the teeth and coaxes them into their new position.

As well as being comfortable and discreet, Invisalign are very easy to take care of, they are removed for eating and take only a few seconds to clean in the morning and evening. Metal braces have always been considered quite difficult to live with, their small components and awkward wires are hard to clean around, and because they are permanently bonded to the teeth, food debris can easily get caught between the brackets. Invisalign eliminates this issue completely, making orthodontic treatment less of a daily chore than it might have been in the past.

If this sounds good, then speak Confidental about Invisalign. A major caveat is that while Invisalign might be the most comfortable option they might not be able to correct a tooth that is severely misaligned. Ultimately, you don’t want to commit to a long treatment schedule only to find out the problem was only half fixed.

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