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8th April 2015

How can Dental Sedation help you?

Some people are so frightened of the dentist that they avoid dental treatment altogether but today’s dentists are sympathetic and in recognising that some patients experience real anxiety, they have developed new techniques and approaches to help. In fact if you check the Yellow Pages or dental websites you will find dentists who specifically mention treatment for anxious patients.

The Calm and Sympathetic Dentist

We find that all our patients benefit from seeing a nice caring health professional which is why we don’t employ any that don’t listen. We always place you at the centre of our care. By tinkering with treatments we can provide you with pain free dental treatment. Below are a few examples of what we do for you. If you tell our team what makes you anxious then we will do our best to make the experience as relaxed as possible.

TACKLING fear of the hygenist

Hygiene treatments and professional tooth cleaning can for some be a bit sensitive. One easy way to fix this is by using anesthetic at the affected sites and splitting the appointment into two, to make it easier for you to cope.

TACKLING fear of the drill

The sound of the drill can bring back dreaded memories of anxiety. Even though the drill is much quieter, we find playing your choice of music or radio can help. So bring in your music player or CD and we will play it. Headphones work very well to block out sounds and help you relax.

TACKLING fear of the lying back

Lying back in the dental chair for some makes them feel claustrophobic and can trigger the development of a ‘gag reflex’. This is more often than not an embarrassing problem so much so people don’t even come in for a check up. We have a few tricks in store before you come in and see us. We also use anesthetic throat sprays and keep you upright during treatment that helps.

TACKLING fear of the injection

The injection is the prime reason why patients do not like the dentist, to be honest most dentists don’t like it either. You no longer need to suffer. Our pain free dentists will warm the anesthetic up and use a bubble gum like jelly to pre-numb the area. The WAND is the latest tool for delivery of anesthesia. The pen is very thin, so thin you don’t even know its there. Using a computer controlled injection system, the injection is delivered slow and steady and therefore comfortable and pain free.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is a milder form of sedation that can help you feel less anxious about treatment. One tablet is taken the night before to help you sleep while the other is taken 1 hour before treatment. You are still awake for the treatment but will require aftercare by a responsible adult. The treatment is very safe and works best for those who just need a helping hand to take the edge off.

Intravenous Sedation

This is a deeper level of sedation. A sedation drug is administered through a small tube in your hand. The drug will make you feel sleepy and relaxed but will not put you to sleep. We wait till the level of sedation is sufficient to carry out treatment. No treatment will be carried out until this is achieved. You remain conscious throughout the visit and will be able to talk to the team and will be carefully monitored throughout the procedure. On completion of treatment you will be cared for until you are ready to leave.

Whatever anxiety you have, we have a way to help you. Come and visit our calm and caring team to see how we can help you smile again.

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