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28th January 2015

What foods to avoid on a date

Almost every relationship starts off with a formal date at a fancy joint. This usually involves a little nosh, some drinking, talking and an internal dialogue deciding whether or not there will be a second date. For the gentleman, he usually does his best to charm her from the evening. The lady on the other hand lady will take note of everything, especially what he eats.

They say the quickest way to mans heart is his stomach. For the ladies, having food stuck between your teeth is never a good thing on your first date. If you are heading out for a romantic dinner please do yourself a favour and don’t order any of these mood killer meals.

Meat off the bone or lobster

Tearing meat with your teeth and hand might feel fun but please realise its hard to look at someone romantically in these circumstances. Bits of food may find itself between your teeth, so please carry some floss with you.

Corn on the cob

Doesn’t matter how strong your teeth are dentists always find bits for them to examine. Not only can this dislodge your crown but can again cause food to get stuck between your teeth. Flossing after this meal is mandatory. If there are any stubborn corn shells that don’t budge please book to see a hygenist.

Orange juice with bits

Orange juice (even the fresh variety) is high is sugar and acid. Long term exposure to highly acidic foods will cause the teeth to wear down. This is a growing problem that dentists see more and more. Treatments are possible but often complex and costly. Prevention is recommended. Still water is usually pH neutral and provides a safe alternative.

Red wine

Usually high in sugar and acid but leaves your teeth looking red and maroon. The vampire look is not in fashion in 2017. Still water or sparking water (please check individual brands) are safe alternatives.


Not known to cause gum problems or tooth decay but sure to prohibit or shorten your evening festivities. Best to minimize or avoid at all costs unless your date is also eating it as well.

Spaghetti Bolognese

A tasty but messy option. More of this may end up on your shirt as opposed to in your mouth. This depends on experience, so a good option for highly skilled individuals.


Spinach is a healthy option a trademark of our cartoon character ‘Popie’. Our team all agree this is deal breaker because experience tells us it will end up between your teeth but you wont know till you check your teeth when you get home.

Even though this is not an extensive list of don’ts, we hope that this has been informative none the less. Best of luck!

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